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MikaChip Resetter V2.0 (Device+Software+Programmable Ink Chips)

MikaChip Resetter V2.0 includes device, software and set of programmable ink chips.


MikaChip resetter V2.0 is the ultimate tool to reprogram ink chips, it supports all new Mimaki ink types as follows:

​BS4, AS5, SB300, SB310, SB320, SB410, SB411, SB414, SB420, SB610, SB54, SB610, LUS170, LUS175, LUS120, LUS150, LUS200, LUS210, LUS350 LUS125, CS100, CS300, AC300, LX101, SU100, RC300, LH100* (1L), PR100, PR200, UVijetLF, EUVv2, EUV, ESM, ESM2, ESM3 

It resets ink level on programmable ink chips, and allows use them multiply times.

MikaChip Resetter V2.0 has a user-friendly software, and easy to follow instruction ensures smooth and fast setup.

Full PDF instruction and software activation key will be emailed to you upon purchasing.

* LH100 - 2L and 1L bottle chip. 

Check our video with MikaChip V2.0:

MikaChip Resetter V2.0 (Device+Software+Programmable Ink Chips)

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